Vress is a sustainable clothing brand with unisex garments. With our completely sustainable process we know how to distinguish ourselves. Not only the sustainable garments, but also having no stock will help make the world a better place. On average, customers wait a little longer for their order, but as a result they do contribute to improving the environment.

Our items are made with respect for both, people and the planet. We are proud to say that the high-quality clothing is produces in the most responsible and ethical way. Everything is thought through down to the last detail, with whom we work, how work is done and which materials are used.








The journey to the end product

From the cotton field to the end product is a long journey, striving for the highest level within every step. Organic cotton from India is used for the clothing. Every step of the process is monitored to ensure the safety of all employees.


All materials are 100% organic cotton and recycled materials

The raw materials used are grown or produced in a way that is not harmful to humans, animals and the environment. 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials (including Modal®) are used.







Contact: vressclothing@gmail.com