Our sustainable products

Vress is a sustainable clothing brand that was established in October 2022. The brand aims to bring about positive change through its collections by offering all sustainable products that are respected by people, the environment, the planet, and customers. With unique prints and responsible clothing, we take pride in selling our items. The sustainable products are produced in the textile industry and are made in a more ethical, humane, and ecological manner.

Our Values:

Innovation: Vress believes that innovation comes, among other things, from choosing the right partners. We continue to experiment to constantly improve our digital services, sustainable products, and supply chain.

The Best: As a brand, we focus on every detail. We strive for the best results in everything we do, from our sustainable products to our delivery and online activities. Moreover, we face new challenges daily to exceed our current results.

Sustainability: This is seen as the core of our company culture. We are engaged every minute of the day in improving the way we work and create. Our trade is transparent for people, the planet, and society.

Our planet faces enormous challenges in ecological, social, and economic aspects. In our view, the fashion industry now has a duty to respond to these challenges. Sustainability and care for our planet have always been central within Vress. Together with our suppliers and employees, we ensure that sustainability is reflected in all aspects of the company, which we are immensely proud of.

Vress knows better than anyone that many natural resources on our planet are precious and limited. Therefore, we want to do everything we can to preserve them. We take responsibility for conserving water, soil, biodiversity, and air. That's why we work every day to make our sustainable products even more sustainable. Harmful materials and chemicals are not used within the brand, and we are dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting circularity.